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Above and Beyond Quality Are you looking for stunning, long-lasting jewelry? Quality should never be a compromise. While our focus is expertly crafted wedding rings, no matter what type of jewelry you're looking for, we design our pieces to be unique, durable, and attractive
Cultivating Sparkling Relationships When you order from us, whether it's your first or tenth time, you become part of our family. During your search for the perfect gemstone or setting, we help you through the process.
Our Promise We treat our customers with the honesty and respect they deserve. We want clients to feel the same pride when wearing the pieces from our store that we do in making them.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

1.What is imitation jewelry?

ANS. Imitation jewelry, also known as fashion jewelry or costume jewelry, refers to jewelry pieces that are designed to resemble and imitate the appearance of genuine or fine jewelry, but are made using less expensive materials. These materials can include base metals like brass or copper, alloys, plastic, glass, synthetic gemstones, cubic zirconia, or other non-precious materials.

2. What materials are commonly used in imitation jewelry?

ANS. Base metal: brass, copper, zinc, alloys. & stones such as cubic zirconia, glass & plating such as gold, silver, black rose, black white and many more.

3. Is imitation jewelry durable and long-lasting?

ANS. Materials: The quality of materials used in imitation jewelry can greatly affect its durability. Higher-quality imitation jewelry may incorporate more durable materials that are less prone to tarnishing, chipping, or fading. After that plating, care and maintenance and usage matters for the longevity of the jewelry.

4. Can I wear imitation jewelry every day?

ANS. Again I will say it will depend upon the quality of the metal used, activities and environment, care and maintenance, rotation and alternatives, polish.

5. How do I clean and care for imitation jewelry?

ANS. For the premium quality products, you just have to safe it from the water related items and have to close it as and when not needed.

6. Are there any specific precautions I should take while
wearing imitation jewelry?

ANS. No perfumes should be used on the jewellery directly as it may cause colour loose of the items.

7. How can I differentiate between high-quality and low-quality imitation jewelry?

ANS. the quality can be predictable easily by taking the piece into the hand and seeing the corner of the metals and the stones scratches which helps you to determine the quality.

8. Is imitation jewelry suitable for special occasions or formal events?

ANS. It is the best source to keep whenever you are going to attend any function as it is very much cheaper than the gold but gives the look of real.

9. Can imitation jewelry be customized or resized?

ANS. Yes, it is customisable.

10. Where can I purchase reliable and reputable imitation jewelry?

ANS. At Chandni chowk, there are only 3-4 actual wholesalers who do wholesale and only in the Chandni chowk you can get the latest and high quality products as they keep products according to the export.

11. Are there any legal implications or restrictions on selling or purchasing imitation jewelry?

ANS. No legal restrictions in INDIA and few govt. formalities for doing the export.

12. What are the latest trends in imitation jewelry?

Ans. Trends keeps on changing on the daily basis as the market is unpredictable.

13. Can imitation jewelry be repaired if it gets damaged?

ANS. Yes it can be repaired in 99.9% cases.

14. How do I store imitation jewelry to maintain its quality?

ANS. you can store it in a simple plastic box in which air can not pass.

15. Can I wear imitation jewelry while swimming or during other water activities?

ANS. No as it should be away from any chemical and water related products.