earrings online for women girls and ladies




earrings online for women girls and ladies.

earrings online for women girls and ladies:- This one piece of jewelry frames your face beautifully and elevates your accessory like no other! .

Simple and contemporary or, ornate and intricate, a pair of earrings, which matches the occasion and your ensemble as well as complement the shape of your face, is that one accessory which completes your look!

Pierced ears and its subsequent adornment with earrings have been documented in history all over the world and earrings as a category, is ever-evolving! And at Padmavati, we’re also constantly evolving to bring in design innovations and try different techniques to cater to the varied and evolving taste of the modern Indian woman – all of which you can buy online here!

Thus, our collection of ethnic and modern styles comes with the perfect balance between traditional charm and contemporary appeal.


Here’s a glimpse of what we have to offer and our range comprises of all these and yet more. yellow, white or rose artificial and studded with pearls, diamonds and various popular gemstones like rubies, emeralds, sapphires and so on.

1. Jhumkis – A classic favorite through the ages, our range spans across designs in artificial with both, shiny and antique finish and ones which are studded with diamonds and even the traditional ones with rubies and emeralds.

2. Chandbaali Earrings – Another popular category for any traditional function, you’ll get to choose from a multitude of designs here.

3. Stud Earrings – Minimalistic or ornate, for kids or for men and definitely for women, we have something for everyone!

4. Drop Earrings – Danglers of Shoulder Dusters, your earring collection definitely needs one of these ever-charming designs!

5. Hoop Earrings – Truly classic and ones that will never ever go out of style. At Padmawati, we keep introducing newer designs in this favourite category.

then We have also introduced a beautiful collection of artificial earrings.

thus studded with Cubic Zirconia, Garnets and such other stones for those opting for jewelry.

which isn’t that heavy on the pocket.

 Padmavati earrings online

If you favor religious designs like an Om or a Swastika to wear every day.

or if you’re looking for cute ones like dolphins, rabbits and teddy bears.

as your baby’s first pair of earrings or ones with a timeless appeal like florals and vines

– we have them all and you can shop online for your preferred design.

thus Laser cuts, filigree, enamel work, texturing, Rawa balls.

– at Padmavati, we keep going back to all traditional forms of craftsmanship and keep innovating with the new age ones as well. Thus, we constantly endeavor to enrich our collection of artificial and diamond earrings for women, men and children and are here that you will find the latest designs online at the best price range. Rose artificial has been a rage of late and we have several designs to cater to this trend as well.

so Ethnic stunners for weddings, pujas, and other traditional functions.

those befitting of royalty, or simpler ones for everyday wear or gorgeous contemporary ones for a gala night.

or those perfect for gifting on birthdays, anniversaries or as a mark of celebration.

thus we have you covered for all occasions. Browse online through our range of over 2000 beautiful designs in earrings.

and have a great online shopping experience.


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