kundan pendant set with pearl


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Gold pendant earring design for female

Gold pendant earring design for female:- These companies offer high-end pieces at below-retail pricing, using the same direct-to-consumer model we’ve seen “disrupt” industries like mattresses, bedding, and cookware. But can you trust them? Even without the retail markup, diamond earrings and solid-gold earrings are still big-ticket items, and you’d be right to be a bit wary of ordering them online. To help you separate the pure from the plated, we decided to try them for ourselves.

Strategist writers and editors

each requested a necklace and pair of earrings from one of ten direct-to-consumer brands and wore them everywhere they went

— work, parties, hot yoga classes — for two weeks straight.

We considered the jewelry’s quality (are the pieces sturdy or flimsy-feeling?),

comfort and practicality (are the earrings too heavy for all-day wear?

Is the necklace clasp impossible to fasten on your own?), and style, as well as the brands’ policies for shipping, returns, and custom orders. Since most of the pieces are giftable (whether it’s for an anniversary or Valentine’s Day) we also evaluated the packaging to see if the boxes, bags, or pouches these items arrived in were the kinds of things we’d be happy to receive.


we recommend all of the brands below. But there are slight differences among them that might make one a better choice for you

— like if you like blinged-out styles more than basic ones (or vice versa),

or if you prefer the environmental friendliness of lab-grown diamonds.

To help you chose, we broke the brands into groups: best for everyday pieces,

best for a wide range of price points, best for high-quality diamonds,

for trying before you buy, best for lab-grown diamonds,

best for a variety of styles, best for custom jewelry,

best for solid gold, best for bold, blingy pieces, and best for high-end gold pieces.

With selections ranging from $50 gold-plated hoop earrings to $1,000 diamond tennis bracelets,

we’re sure you can find the right piece for you (or them) among the bunch.

A quick note: Since some of these brands sell diamonds, it might be helpful to review the Gemological Institute of America’s terminology for rating a diamond’s color and clarity, so you’ll know what we mean when we start throwing around terms like G color or VS2 clarity.

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