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jadau latest long set jewelry – Best jewellery organisers: boxes, drawers and more to stay your jewellery tidy.
If I had a pound for each lost earring back or long-forgotten necklace retrieved from a dusty nook, I’d have enough to enjoy each day out at Christie’s next jewellery auction.

Well, perhaps almost, but I even have had to mention goodbye to several beloved pieces of jewellery either because I’ve misplaced an important piece or it’s become tarnished from sitting during a tangled pile on my dresser.

I once owned many costume jewellery, but with age (and matured taste) I’ve built up a set of top quality, timeless pieces that each one accompany their own boxes. But, as nice as those boxes are, closed compartments make it far more difficult to accessorise at a look.

Jewellery Care: the do’s and don’t’s

Do: separate your silver and gold pieces as gold scratches easily.
Do: keep precious pieces faraway from moisture and air to preserve their shine. Store with small silica bags you regularly find in new bag or shoe purchases.

Do: wear your jewels on rotation to stay them tarnish-free for extended.

Don’t: apply lotions, perfume or hairspray after putting on jewellery. It should be the ultimate final touch to your outfit.
Don’t: forget to wipe prized necklaces and earrings with a soft microfibre cloth after an outing to stay them dust, oil and moisture-free.
The right storage plays a neighbourhood in preserving jewellery. It might be a box, a stand, a wall-mounted rack or something as simple as a patterned tray, but the thought is that the same: to stay your precious treasures in neat and tidy order.

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How to organise jewellery at home
There are small hacks you’ll attempt to keep your jewels sorted:

Small snack bowls: great for rings and bangles

Coat hooks and photo frame corners: ideal for hanging chains and pendants
Ice cube trays: keep your dangly earrings and studs in neat order within the separated compartments.
Medicine or pillboxes: works a treat on separating rings, pins and little brooches.
While these work just fine as stand-ins, cluttering your dresser with bowls or ice trays is a smaller amount than ideal in creating a classy bedroom look. They’re also no match for storage specifically designed for safeguarding your knick-knacks.

There are holders for rings and necklaces, while others offer spaces to sort both in one place, alongside brooches, earrings and other ornaments. Whether you wish your jewellery on display or safely tucked away out of sight, we’ve searched for the simplest jewellery organisers and storage to shop for immediately.

See our favourites below

All-in-one jewellery holders Stackers Sleek Necklace Travel Jewellery Box, Blush Pink
With many compartments, trays and holders for all types of jewellery, this blush pink design from Stackers brings together style and performance beautifully.

Measuring just 5 x 27 x 13cm, the super-compact box is ideal for little dressing tables also as slipping into your holdall for trips away.

£50 | John Lewis

Shop all jewellery boxes and rolls at John Lewis

Jonathan Adler Lacquer jewellery box white
Anyone with a passing interest in interiors knows the name Jonathan Adler: his kooky and kitsch homewares have celebrated the planet over. While some pieces can choose thousands, this jewellery box offers fans an opportunity to have the brand for much less.

Inside and out, it’s an aesthetic design: a brightly coloured interior encased in beautiful ivory, lacquer complete with pockets, trays, compartments and a tasselled key for extra security.

£295 | Harvey Nichols

Oliver Bonas Glass & Gold Brass Mirror Pink Jewellery Box & Stand
A spectacular all-in-one option that appears inspired by the elegance of the artistic movement era, this demure 34.5 x 20 x 12.5cm stand offers a spread of storage options.

The base is formed from two compartments, one lined tray and another cushioned space for rings and stud earrings. You can suspend necklaces from the semi-circular strands and confirm everything is in situ with the assistance of the half-moon mirror at the very top of the stand.

An ideal gift for a special birthday – or just a treat for yourself.

£35 | Oliver Bonas

Bedroom organisation: best ideas and products to stay your room tidy

Cecilia Jewellery Stand
Clasp hoop earrings and necklaces round the bars, while hook back earrings cans dangle from the central bar. The base is a tray for all of your other bits and pieces.

Playful also as practical, this stand riffs on the design of a hotel luggage trolley – sadly bellboy not provided.

£56 | Anthropologie

Hanging Jewellery Racks Gold & Glass Pink Velvet Hanging Jewellery Shelf Small
If you’re short on table space, there are other options to stay your surfaces clear. This rack comes with multiple levels, shelves and hooks supplying you with myriad spaces to store your baubles.

£45 | Oliver Bonas

Jewellery Holder Round Elegant Gold Wall Mirror
Part mirror, part jewellery stand, this stylish piece has practical storage features worked seamlessly into its design. Made from iron and glass, you’ll only need one nail to connect it to put.

£18.45 | Etsy

Sass & Belle Wall Jewellery Stand Cream
Ideal for fans of the shabby chic aesthetic, this white jewellery stand has hooks, eyes and rows for displaying all of your jewellery. Attach to the wall to form the best use of rock bottom row of hooks.

£12.49 | Amazon

Jewellery bowls, dishes and trays Banana Leaf Trinket Dish
Bring tropical vibes to your dresser with this long dish-shaped kind of a banana leaf. The high-gloss ceramic design makes a stunning place to line your earrings and rings at the top of the day.

£9 | NOTHS

Kate Spade New York Grace Avenue Ring Holder
An elegant design complete with grosgrain trim and a classic Kate Spade single bow detail, this silver-plated holder is that the ideal place to line your rings at rest.


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