Green colour bracelet design in american diamonds

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If you’re looking to surprise someone with something special, Embrace The Difference Sterling Silver Heart Bracelet is a simple yet powerful way of showing love and appreciation. The feminine bracelet comes in sterling silver and yellow and features the brand’s signature symbol to encourage the wearer to be kind to themselves and others.



kumihimo bracelet: How these 3 women-founded brands made it big thanks to QVC and HSN

QVC and HSN — two of the biggest shopping destinations —  have helped entrepreneurs achieve their dreams for over 30 years. Now, they’re on a mission to help a new crop of hopefuls have a chance to shine through their new The Big Find initiative: a nationwide search in which 73 winners (out of 654 entries) were chosen to join the QVC and HSN family.

Small businesses, like the ones chosen for The Big Find, are the backbone of America. They make our world a better place. Through the initiative, the mega retailers have given these brands — ranging from beauty, apparel and footwear to accessories, jewelry and homeware  — a chance to share their stories and offerings with customers across their digital and broadcast platforms. Even more: QVC and HSN, known for fostering a culture of entrepreneurship, will continue to nurture these companies and support them in their growth.

If you’re in the mood for some retail therapy, consider supporting brands that carry interesting pieces you can’t find anywhere. Buying jewelry, specifically, is a great way to lift your spirits. You can order your favorite pieces online as a treat to yourself or a gift for a loved one’s birthday or Mother’s Day, which is around the corner. QVC also offers Easy Pay, which allows you to pay for the items you want over time with zero percent interest.

Looking for new jewelry brands to check out? Yahoo Life is spotlighting three of those Big Find Brands and their founders — Valencia Key, Celebre and Embrace the Difference. They may differ in style, but all three have compelling stories to tell. These beautiful, uplifting pieces are great gifts for yourself or that special person in your life. Shop them on QVC and keep reading to discover what makes them unique.

Celebre — French for “celebrated” —  carries exquisite jewelry that honors powerful women. Raised by a strong-willed mother, who taught her to be resilient, Jacklyn Gray’s inspiration for the line is the beautiful lotus flower that grows and thrives in one of the most challenging environments (deep, muddy waters), just like her mom and other strong women. Not only do the pieces possess special meaning, they serve as incredible gifts for that powerful woman in your life, like your mom, grandma or best friend.

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Celebre’s signature piece is the Petite Bud Charm, which comes in four different gemstones to represent distinct qualities of a person. Pink is loving, white embodies understanding, blue is wise and green represents a leader. No matter which color you pick, it’s a beautiful way to show off your personality or have fun with a shade you really love.

therefore The lotus flower is beautiful on its own and even better when you add the Celebre Sterling Silver Engraved Petal Charms. The silver or gold petals are engraved with meaningful descriptors — Warrior and Brave — on the sides. “If you’re giving it as a gift, [Celebre is] a powerful reminder of the beauty and strength someone sees in you. And if you get it for yourself, it [represents] the beauty and strength you see in yourself,” Gray says.

hence The line was created by Lia Valencia, who learned at an early age while living in an impoverished neighborhood of Philadelphia, just how something as simple as putting on jewelry can make you look and feel better, even in the darkest of times. “[My mom] would say, ‘Never leave home without earrings because they represent the sparkle that radiates inside of you,’” Valencia recalls.

Now, she’s spreading light and self-love through her jewelry designs. “Being a Big Find winner is a testament to every [person] that wears [my jewelry] that all things are possible. If I can, you can. If you lead with joy and if you lead with love and if you sparkle with light,

people will catch it. And when they catch it, they will spread it,” says Valencia.

The Valencia Key Joy Collection Sparkle Believe Hoop Earrings are great for everyday,

or those days when you want to play dress up inside. The crystal accents and engraved words along the bottom — Sparkle and Believe — also add a nice, inspiring touch.

Finish off the look with the Valencia Key Joy Collection Shine Bright Necklace — or wear it alone. The circular trinity design on this stunning statement accessory brings out your inner light.

Robyn Zimmer hopes her jewelry line motivates others to embrace themselves and those around them for who they are. “My mission is to leave the world a more tolerant place for Sam and for everyone.

hence I really want to spread this message of connection, kindness no matter what anyone’s going through,” Zimmer says. hence That message is especially important in times like this,

where showing and receiving love to your fellow neighbor can make a profound difference in the world.

The brand’s Embrace the Difference Classic Sterling Silver Necklace is a great way to put some positivity into the world. The design represents love and connectedness. “At some point in our lives, we are all going to be a circle of support for someone who is the square. [Other times], we’re all going to be a square [that] needs the circle of support from everyone else,” Zimmer explains.

If you’re looking to surprise someone with something special,

Embrace The Difference Sterling Silver Heart Bracelet is a simple yet powerful way of showing love and appreciation. The feminine bracelet comes in sterling silver and yellow and features the brand’s signature

symbol to encourage the wearer to be kind to themselves and others.

Mother’s Day Gift Guide: The Best Convertible Jewelry

Pendants that spin around with motifs can be seen on both sides, necklaces chains that wrap around the wrist

as chunky bracelets and earrings that transform from hoops into pendant drops—

These styles, along with others that can be worn in myriad ways make great gifts for Mother’s Day.

The module or interchangeable pieces detach or attach with different creative components that offer the wearer built in versatility.

The styles I have chosen for Mother’s Day Gifts convert easily

and create multiple looks with just a few quick maneuvers.

Heavenly Vices’ Mother/Father spinner pendant takes the gift giving one step further. Dad can buy mom this beautifully engraved medallion

to celebrate her motherhood and to remind her of him. his contribution to the family. it can be given from mother to daughter to represent the love of both of her parents. The spinners are inspired by the Victorian Era, when a spinning mechanism held a two sided disk with a message that revealed itself when the disk was spun. Heavenly Vices has borrowed the concept and paired some  favorite, thematically related love tokens together to form both sides of a spinner. The spinner is 14K gold with white diamonds



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