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Tips to pick and wear the perfect Jewelry:

Women are always awestruck when they set their eyes on any kind of long Kundan set. But, they face a hard time when it comes to picking the right kind of Jewelry to compliment their looks. And often, choosing the wrong kind of Jewelry can lead to disasters. So, here are a few tips for you to help you in choosing that perfect Jewelry.

  • Choose the best metal and gemstone according to your skin tone. The Jewelry you pick should complement with your skin color, otherwise, it might result in a very tacky look.
  • Choose the right Jewelry at Padmavati jewellers keeping in mind the kind of makeup you are applying. If you are putting on heavy make up then go for the lighter ones. Whereas, with nude makeup, a little heavy Jewellery would be a perfect choice.
  • Choose the perfect with keeping in mind the attire you are wearing. If your attire already has a lot of work done on it, then complimenting with heavy Jewellery might overdo your looks. Hence, there should always be a balance between the two.
  • If you are not very comfortable with heavy Jewelleries, then opt for light ones because comfort always comes first.
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